HD-721 Video Upcaling Rotary Controller 
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HD-721 Video Upcaling Rotary Controller


HD-721 Video Upcaling Rotary Controller is a high quality and high performance image upscaling rotary switch, use the high speed image processor chip. This product is main function is that can supports HDMI, DP, Mobile MHL and VGA signal input and switch any one of the input signals to HDMI output.

This product supports video and audio synchronous switch of different signal formats, and setting the image 90 degree, 180 degree and 270 degree rotation.

Multi-control mode: users can control the device via chassis button, IR remote, RS232 control to operate it.

  • Support scaled synchronizing mobile phone vertical video signal of to vertical high resolution displayer.

  • Support PC, DVD players and other HDMI, VIDEO, VGA, DP output signal 90,180,270 degrees of rotation.

  • Input signal support 1 VGA, 2x DP( DisplayPort ), 4x HDMI signals, including 3 x HDMI signal compatible MHL signal.

Output including 1x HDMI and 1x stereo audio signal, support switching the sound and video signal synchronous.

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Sulit ID: 99697

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