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Are those old photos collecting dusts in your back closet? 
Save those precious memories! 
Transform those into digital images you can share and enjoy as if they were taken yesterday.

Why Scan your Old Photos ?
Scanning your photo offers several valuable benefits. Once scanned, you can:

Protect your photo prints: 
We all worry that photo prints can be misplaced, damaged beyond repair, or destroyed in a catastrophic event. By having a digital archive of your originals, you have the comfort of knowing your scanned images can be reprinted at any time.
Restore them back to their former beauty:
All photo prints fade over time and images get washed out. Loose photos get scratched, bent, or ripped through years of mishandling. Have a close look at some of your older photo prints and you will notice these changes. Professional tools such as Photoshop™ can reverse the years of decay and damage in your originals and make them look as clear and vibrant as the day they were taken.
Share them with friends and family: 
Access your photos anywhere that has Internet access!

Going digital with our services puts the digital world at your fingertips. We've put together a powerful set of services that you'll be sure to appreciate. Your photos will be preserved in an organized fashion. Sharing pictures with family and friends has never been easier.

Mobile - 09195017979 / 09777372756
Tel. - (02)-364-0934

You can send the Photos thru grab express/ lbc or at our address @ 7 Pearl Street , Carmel 5 Subdivision , Tandang Sora Quezon City near Tandang Sora National HighSchool (by WAZE App). Payment can be made thru CASH/BPI deposit.

Note: Please remove all the photos in their albums before sending.

Price: ₱1
Sulit ID: 118748


  CONTACT SELLER: 09195017979

Seller Location: 7 Pearl Street Carmel 5 Subdivision Tandang Sora

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