Wanted: English speaker - pays $15 USD per hour 
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Wanted: English speaker - pays $15 USD per hour


We need people who can dictate in English (grammatically correct and must make sense - all original text) based on an outline that person wrote based on a keyword we supply.   Steps:   We'll send you information, you write an outline for each speech, you record your original speech into mp3 files, you upload, we pay you.   Get paid $15 per hour or P700+ per hour   We pay via paypal or direct bank transfer   Qualifications: Perfect grammar Clear speaking voice - ACCENT IS OKAY but must not be so thick we can't understand you easily Solid outline that uses a LIST format  for each keyword  Outline must have solid information No plagiarized text in your outline    Payout is $15 per hour or P700+ per hour    We will probably need speakers to work 2 to 3 hours per day depending on volume.   To apply, email  freelanceprojectannouncements-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to get on our notification list    Once you've confirmed, email  freelanceprojectannouncements@yahoogroups.com  with the title  SEND ME SCREENING INFO FOR $15 USD SPEAKER   Your abilities will be tested to ensure you have the proper skills and efficiency to do this freelance project.   We need responsible people who can deliver within 24 hours of assignments.

Price: $15
Sulit ID: 79894

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Seller Location: Metro Manila Calicanto Batangas City

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